Monday 14th December, 2020

    First diary entry~ I had a fantastic but tiring weekend, met my boyfriend's family on Saturday and caught up with my sewing group on Sunday. Saturday was great, I had put my hair in pincurls and curlers the night before which worked okay, the pincurls were great as usual but some of my hair from the curlers straightened over the course of the day. I wore a vintage 1950's dress that I found for $10 last year at a vintage warehouse sale with some vintage gloves, pearl necklace and earrings. I'm sure I looked much too dressed up but I felt good and my bf thought I looked amazing so that's all that matters. The drive up there took about an hour and a half since we met up in the countryside, but the weather was lovely so it was a pleasant day but I was so tired afterwards. On Sunday I went to my friends house for a few hours to chat with my historical sewing group, I got to see her little boy who has just turned one year old and he's quite a charmer, very adorable. After discovering that there was a rabbit in the back yard, me and my younger friend went outside to spend some time with him, feeding him daisies and strawberry heads while listening to the beautiful song of a whistler bird in the tree above. It was very calming and I wish every afternoon could be spent in such a wonderful mood. After all of that my bf picked me up and took me back to his house where I had dinner and a much needed nap before going home.