If you use any of these materials please put a link back to my website.


Do not direct link, save the images and upload them to your own server.
Do not claim these as your own or redistribute on any website. (Use for decoration is OK)
Do not use on websites with illegal, hateful, suicidal or adult content. (Creative websties are excluded from this)
Do not upload my images to tumblr, weheartit, pinterest or any other similar website.

Altering and Processing

Altering of these graphics is permitted with certain restrictions.
You may change the direction the image is facing.
You may add your own text to buttons.
Do not add multiple images together (Does not apply to nomination bracelets)
When making nomination bracelets, do not use them to make hateful words or anything that attacks an individual.
If you have read all these terms press the fourth icon.
Do not draw anything extra on my images.
Do not add anything hateful to my images.
Even if you have altered the image you may not redistribute it as your own work.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me!

I also take requests for changes to items, as well as new items so please feel free to request something~
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